Kelli Keegan

A Happy Person

I am a “Positive Company Ambassador.” I am a highly interactive person with strong communication skills that will represent and promote companies at events, shows, and functions. I have the natural ability to sincerely connect with people. I make people happy through direct and open communication.

  • Learn and understand the product or subject
  • Establish event goals
  • Have knowledge of the event or function
  • Work the event with a smile

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“At Charley Girl Designs we had wonderful designs, effective processes, and even great margins, but these elements were not enough to make a successful business. What we needed was someone who could take our amazing product and deliver it to a waiting public. We needed a voice, and Kelli Keegan was that voice! Kelli’s ability to enthusiastically represent not only our product, but also our company philosophy and mission made her the perfect compliment to our company. With Kelli’s help, Charley Girl Designs made the leap from being a group of passionate artists making great products to being a successful and profitable business venture. Simply put, we would not be where we are today without Kelli’s help.”